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Portrait of Jacqueline Schultz owner of JSInteriorsUK

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Hello lovely you, and welcome to my website. I’m Jacqueline Schultz owner of JSInteriorsUK and amongst other things I make bespoke soft furnishings and also teach these skills on weekend workshop retreats. I have oodles of exciting beautiful home ideas to share so please visit regularly for the latest blogs, resources and videos.

I have always been obsessed by textiles and trimmings and have to admit often buy a piece of fabric, antique lace or trim without any idea of their immediate use or any agenda other than I find them beautiful.

Living as an expat in many locations around the world, I’ve spent years making hand stitched curtains, blinds, traditional soft lampshades and other soft furnishings for my homes. A few years ago I trained as an Interior designer and started creating beautiful homes for other people. To ensure individual attention to detail and products of the highest quality I work with only a small number of clients at any one time. I oversee all aspects of all room schemes including styling, sourcing fabrics and trimmings, designing and creating.

I also facilitate and teach small groups of likeminded people the techniques, skills and stitches involved in making hand stitched curtains, blinds, traditional soft lampshades and cushions at weekend workshop retreats. There is something exhilarating about a creative weekend away that completely refreshes the soul.


Home Styling

Even when a new home has been completed I find the space continues to evolve with small touches: flowers, candles, lamps, lampshades, cushions and throws; all create subtle areas of interest and satisfy my desire to be creative.


I adore all flowers. You’ll find flowers all over my house, in my workroom, my photography and at my workshops. Flowers give a space life and lift the spirits.

Great Food

Do you Eat-to-Live or Live-to-Eat. I have always been the latter. Hosting is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy nothing better than to share a meal with family and friends, chatting into the night. Our dining room table is oval so that we can always add another chair. Great food is always a priority at my workshops.

Furry Friends

There are times when I am in my workroom, in my creative bubble with only my furry friends for company. No soft furnishing workshop would be complete without a head of security, handsome assistant and public relations officer. Meet my team.

Jacqueline's handsome assistant, Spike, a mischievous workroom kitty, beautiful blue mitted ragdoll cat


Jacqueline’s Handsome Assistant
Jacqueline's ublic relations officer, Silva, a treasured and very friendly Indian rescue cat


Jacqueline’s Public Relations Officer
Jacqueline's head of security, Dezzy dog, poodle, maltese, bichon mix dog, always on guard


Jacqueline’s Head of Security