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DIY Lining Gathered Lampshades – Top Tips

Cute little gathered lampshades are relaxed, informal and very easy to make once you know how. As much in vogue today as they were in Victorian times. Gathered shades are great for adding pops of colour to both formal and relaxed room schemes. Gathered lampshades are best suited to small and medium proportions. So easy to make once you know how and only a little hand sewing is required. So you don’t need to use a sewing machine! If you have already read Making Gathered Lampshades you’ll be ready to line your shade. Read more for DIY Lining Gathered Lampshades – Top Tips

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How do I line my gathered lampshade?

Cut 2 lengths of lining fabric 10cm longer that the depth of the frame and 2cm longer than half the bottom ring circumference.

Lining DIY gathered lampshades

Start in line with the first gimbal and pin one length of lining to the bottom ring on the inside of the lampshade. Continue pinning around the circumference of the bottom ring keeping the lining taut until you reach the second gimbal, half way. Make sure that you turn in both ends of lining in to give a neat finish and prevent fraying. Do the same with the second length of lining on the other half of the shade. Overlap the inside edges slightly to prevent a gap. Pin both top edges of lining to just inside the gimbal slightly overlapping the edges to prevent gaps.

Pleat and pin the top edge of lining to the upper ring. The number and distance of pleats will depend on the difference in circumference between the bottom and top rings. A little creative license is required at this pint depending on the exact shape of your lampshade frame. Classic options are covered and explored during Crafty Critter Workshops and Retreats. There is a video coming soon on my website showing some of the basics.

Trimming DIY gathered lampshades

Once your lining is pinned and you are happy with the arrangement of your pleats stitch the lining to the frame using lampshade stitch in strong, matching thread. Correct lampshade stitch is key to maintaining tensions and something we cover in detail at our workshops. Some of these dynamics are covered in our Lampshade Stitch video.

How do I trim the gimbals on DIY gathered lampshades?

You’ll need a short piece of bias or ribbon to tidy where the gimbal meets the top ring and hide any raw edges. Thread this under the gimbal and return back over the top ring. The 2 sides should lay neatly edge to edge and can be secured with a few stitches and then trimmed.

Fixing and tidying the gimbals

How do I trim my gathered lampshade?

Getting your trimming right can take a few pins and some patience. Depending on the style and design of your trimming of which there are oodles, will define the best technique to use for your trimming. For anything other than gluing the simplest of trimming please refer to my Top Tips on Lampshade Trimmings. The technique for a neat bias trim finish is covered in detail at our workshops. There is a memory jogger video for previous workshop delegates For those of you tackling this on your own, at home you need to create a 45% angle finish. Stitch this in place using matching thread. You can use fray stop for delicate fabrics, but use cautiously as it can bleed through.

Now you are ready to pop your lampshade onto a suitable stand and switch on the light. There is a kind of magic that happens the first time you switch the light on to a bespoke handmade lampshade, enjoy!

Completed DIY gathered lampshade, with a drop down beaded trim
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Now you have read this blog on  DIY Lining Gathered Lampshades – Top Tips, you are ready to make your own professional, handmade Gathered Lampshade. For more information about upcoming courses by JSInteriorsUK on Gathered Lampshades, click here and other soft furnishings Workshop Retreats click here.

I wish you lots of fun making lampshades to beautify your home.