Beautiful Bespoke Curtains

beautiful bespoke curtains, elegant flowing drapes are timeless window treatments. Depending on style, fabric, heading and trimmings, your new curtains can be, elegant, cosy, chic, classic traditional or modern.

However with all these options deciding on the perfect design for your bespoke curtains can be a little daunting. It’s important that you are able to make informed choices about colour, fabric texture and design that reflect your own unique personality, ensuring that your new curtains reflect who you are and how your home feels. So to get the party started have a little look at some of the designs elements below to see what appeals.

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Linen floral blue bespoke handmade curtain with contrast silk dupion puff ball heading

decorative headings

Your curtain heading is a key design decision. You could choose a drawstring heading, such as, classic pencil pleats, frilled, puffed, or drop-over. One of my personal favourites above, the romantic puffball heading; in this particular window treatment the stuffed, puff is dupion silk picking up one of the shades in the face fabric linen to add contrast in texture.

Linen toile de jouy, bespoke handmade curtains with contrast lining and contrast cottage heading

Above, this drop-over heading, also known as a cottage top was designed for a quirky holiday cottage. The curtain lining is in the same colour way and collection as the face fabric. The contrast on the drop-over adds interest and the window treatment looks as beautiful from the outside of the cottage as the inside.

Handmade, bespoke, colourful floral curtains, French pleat heading

Perhaps you would prefer a hand pleated buckram headings such as a chic, tidy double pleats above, or maybe triple French pleats, goblet pleats, or box. Buckram headings add a touch more order to a heading, however the creativity and variations are numerous and can also be embellished with borders and trimming.

This is just a taste of the huge variety of heading options. For a more comprehensive guide to headings please click here .

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fabric choices

Getting this right can be overwhelming. It’s not just about the colour or pattern but suitability for purpose, layers of texture and the whole room scheme. Jacqueline has a wealth of expertise to advice and guide so that your fabric choices not only reflects your home and your own unique personality but also brings out the very best window treatment potential.

Jacqueline has an increasing portfolio of fabric designers and suppliers, including her favourites: Jacqueline Milton, Sarah Hardaker and James Hare.

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contrast borders & trimmings

Handmade, bespoke, floral curtains, in hues of grey, goblet pleat heading with handmade contrast feature buttons

Highlighting edges of curtains with trimmings and/or contrast borders can turn a curtain with ordinary face fabric into something exceptional. The curtain above has a contrast, plain border on the leading edge as a colour accent. Alternatively, you could reverse the design plan and add a patterned fabric border to add interest. Or what about a top border with both a colour accent and texture contrast combo?

Handmade blue floral linen curtains, cottage top heading and beaded trim

Trimmings on a leading edge or framing a drop-over border can elevate a plain or matt linen by adding a little bling. Trims also offer design or colour match opportunities to connect elements within a whole room scheme.

All our trimmings are finished by hand to ensure accuracy. We work with a range of excellent suppliers of trimming including TroynorthJones & Hallis Hudson. Contrast borders are a great way to add texture and connect elements within a whole scheme.

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how we work

After an initial consultation, Jacqueline will order fabrics and designs finalised for your approval. Each window treatment design is created in collaboration with the client. our curtains are handmade in-house to each clients individual specifications. Jacqueline can also oversee fittings.

We take pride in our attention to detail. For a more comprehensive guide to how we work, please click here. (coming soon)

Handmade toile du jouy linen curtains, process, herringbone stitch
Handmade toile du jouy linen curtains, process, securing lining an face fabric, daisy chain stitch
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Jacqueline has an extensive choice of fabrics, trimmings and textile designs to choose from, as well as a wide range of new and vintage frame shapes and sizes for a luxurious bespoke lampshade. Do get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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